Kensington Toilet Is On Sale For £150,000 - Not A House, Just The Lavatory, Seriously

This Toilet Is On Sale For £150,000

You heard.

The room in question is wedged between two shops

A toilet. For £150,000. Half the average UK price for an actual house with rooms and a garage and the like.

So, it must be a hugely opulent latrine with taps of gold that flow with rose-scented water while a bidet washes you so delicately it's like being caressed by a cloud, right?

Well no. It's pretty standard. For a bog (it's actually classed as a 'storeroom').

All this could be yours

It is of course all about the location which, in this instance, is Kensington High Street, an area not exactly known for scrimping.

It's described in its listing as a "first/second floor half landing store room' which is selling it short as it clearly also has a window.

But should any of this surprise us when you could actually move to Barcelona and commute every day to London for less money than it costs to rent in the capital.


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