31/10/2013 12:17 GMT | Updated 31/10/2013 12:17 GMT

Thousands Of Students Choose 'Easy' Degrees To Maximise Going Out Time

Flickr: Neil Dorgan
Thousands Of Students Choose 'Easy' Degrees To Maximise Going Out Time

Thousands of university students choose to take the option of an effortless life whilst studying at university by picking "easy" subjects, according to new research.

Nearly one fifth of the students questioned said they had chosen subjects they knew would take up a small amount of hours in lectures, so they would have more time for going out.

Almost 50% of students believed picking an easy subject meant they could have a better social life. This was reflected by an increase in searches for student discounts at local nightclubs and bars, according to Voucher Code Pro research.

The new research, by one of Britain's largest money discount websites, questioned 2,493 current university students about their reasoning for choosing their university course.

Students confirmed they did not choose their university course based on their interests, but more on how difficult the subject was, rejecting subjects they thought were not achievable.

The surveyed students classed the subjects "Photography, Sociology, Film Studies and Media Studies" as the top "basic" subjects.

As almost 50% of students could not decide what they wanted to do in the future and had self doubt as to whether or not they would get the grade, George Charles, Marketing Director of voucher Codes questioned if: "Teenagers are given sufficient advice whilst still at school and college".