Why Supply Teaching Could Fulfil Your Career Dreams (PICTURES)


As the need for supply teachers continues to rise, there’s never been a better time to consider whether this could be the right route for you.

Supply teachers are happier than the UK average when it comes to their career progression, according to research by specialist recruiter Randstad Education.

In a statement, the company also revealed that better pay was no longer the most important aspect of career progression. Rather employees value doing work that lets them learn new things and meet new people as their top priorities.

Jenny Rollinson, managing director of Randstad Education, said: “Employees are redefining the meaning of career progression. While long-term job security has traditionally been more important to teachers than pay, the whole concept of a career as an upward progression through a sequence of roles in one organisation has changed. Flexibility in the workforce means that for many a career doesn’t involve lateral progression: it may be a series of moves that go sideways, or even backwards, crossing occupational and organisational boundaries, while for others it is simply increasing their skill sets.

“In the teaching profession this is becoming evident through the supply teacher market. The use of supply staff among schools has increased by 19% since 2009, providing a safety-net for many schools who need to plug gaps and support over-stretched staff. This is only likely to increase further as proposed changes to working conditions are implemented and schools need to strengthen support for their full-time staff.“

According to supply teacher Elizabeth Dennis from Sutton Coldfield, supply teaching has given her the flexibility to take time out to explore the world.

In a statement, recruitment agency Aspire People explain that their client has been travelling and teaching in India, using her skills to help the less privileged.

Dennis said: “I'm living in Jaipur, Rajasthan which is one of the poorest and most oppressive states, especially for women. I managed to get placed on a women empowerment project, so my job is to teach English, General Studies and ICT skills to girls aged 12-20 in a village about 10km out of Jaipur. I have also ended up teaching a lot of the village kids as they love to come along and learn too!”

So what's the key to being a great supply teacher? We’ve sourced top tips to send you on your way.

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