31/10/2013 08:06 GMT | Updated 31/10/2013 08:35 GMT

Tristram Hunt: McDonalds Staff More Qualified Than School Teachers

Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt responds to Schools minister David Laws statement to MPs in the House of Commons, London, on the controversial Muslim free school, Al-Madinah free school in Derby.

Tristram Hunt may have won the hearts of teachers earlier this week after pledging to reintroduce the EMA, but he's probably lost a few fans after claiming McDonalds staff are more qualified than teachers.

The Labour shadow education secretary made the bold statement in an interview with the Evening Standard, telling the paper: "Under David Cameron, we have this situation where you now need more qualifications to work as a shift manager at McDonald’s than to become a teacher.

“I am pleased McDonald’s insist on qualifications for their shift managers. It’s surprising and alarming that Education Secretary Michael Gove doesn’t operate in the same way."

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During an interview with Jeremy Paxman on Wednesday's Newsnight, Hunt was asked if he would allow his own children to go to schools with unqualified teachers. In scenes reminiscent of Paxman's infamous peppering of Michael Howard, Hunt refused to answer - five times.

And even Hunt's adversary Michael Gove had a poke at poor Hunt; during Wednesday's PMQs session, he was mocked for his views on free schools.

In 2008, McDonalds introduced a diploma in shift management, which was endorsed by Ofqual and the equivalent to an A-level.

A DfE spokesperson said: "It is right that state schools are able to hire brilliant teachers who have not got qualified teacher status - and have the same advantage that private schools have to bring in great linguists, computer scientists, engineers and other specialists to inspire their pupils."