Lady Kelly Hadfield-Hyde And Ann Chadwick Sentenced After Getting Naked (PICTURES, VIDEO)

WATCH: Women Strip Naked At Manchester Airport Security

Two women have been sentenced for public order offences after stripping at an airport security gate.

CCTV footage captures the moment Lady Kelly Hadfield-Hyde and Ann Chadwick stunned staff by suddenly stripping to their bras.

Hadfield-Hyde, 51, then went the whole hog, as an onlooker rushes to cover then up.

They have now been sentenced for the bizarre 6am performance at Manchester Airport, where they were due to catch a flight to Malta.

You don't need to remove that

Giving evidence in court, the women denied they were drunk, and blamed a security guard, who Hadfield-Hyde said had poor English, for telling them "Off, off, all off."

But this was dismissed by prosecutors, who said it had been a "flight of fancy".

The women opted for a court trial after refusing to pay an out-of-court fine.

Hadfield-Hyde (right) and Chadwick (left) outside court

Speaking after the sentencing, the Mirror reported Hadfield-Hyde saying: "OK, I took my top off and it was a bit over the top.

"But I did nothing wrong, I just did what I was told."

Hadfield-Hyde demonstrates the clothing she was asked to remove

According to The Mail, Hadfield-Hyde's former partner, an entrepreneur who appeared in adult films, bought his title more than 20 years ago.


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