Cat Called Bruce Lee Dials 999 And Hangs Up, Police Rush To Scene In Kilburn

Cat Dials 999 And Hangs Up, Police Rush To Scene

When police received a silent 999 call, they decided to take no chances. The address was quickly traced and officers rushed to the scene.

But the call came from Bruce Lee - not the deceased martial arts icon - but a pedigree Singapura kitten, who had been happily pawing away at his owner's house phone.

Officers quickly realised who was to blame for the call (file image)

After confused officers entered the empty flat, the naughty feline was found by officers hiding in a wardrobe "looking very naughty."

Owner James Cocksedge, 33, returned home from the shops at midday to find the chaotic scene.

"I didn't tell him off," said Mr Cocksedge, a sound engineer who works on television and film projects and lives with fiancée, Monica de la Cruz.

"I couldn't. He already looked so ashamed of himself," he told The Camden New Journal. "He got himself into this situation and then didn't know what to do, so he just hid. If anything I felt a lot of sympathy for him. He was quite upset by the whole ordeal.

"It happened the day before his first birthday, so it wasn't great timing for Brucie."


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