Man Who Sued Wife Over 'Ugly Baby' Yarn Is Probably A Hoax (PICTURE)

Sorry Guys, The Man Who Sued His Wife Over Their 'Ugly Baby' Yarn Is Probably A Hoax (PICTURE)

Last year, a rather ugly story claiming a man had sued his surgically-altered wife for deceiving him that her good looks were natural, resurfaced from the murky depths of the internets.

The chap in question - named as Jian Feng - is said to have realised the “deception” after the couple had a baby daughter whom he described as “horrifically ugly.”

After initially suspecting his wife had been having an affair, the woman apparently came clean and admitted to having spent £60,000 on cosmetic surgery before their marriage.

Is this the family in question? Probably not

In the October 2012 reports, which were picked up by Fox 31as well as ourselves, it was alleged the man won £75,000 in a northern China court for the “deception”.

There has been no official confirmation of the story - which we've found to have been circulating sans picture, as early as 2004 - and suspicions abound it could well have been a hoax.

But the tale will not be silenced. And on Thursday it grew arms and legs, with cyberspace spitting out this picture, purporting to be of the couple and their three children.

The image was picked up by various outlets, including CocoaFab, Panorama am and a blog on ChicagoNow.

Having donned our deerstalkers, we have to say we’ve got our doubts.

First of, there are three sprogs in this snap. The initial yarn cited a single daughter. Also, if the sight of the first-born prompted legal action, it's unlikely the couple would have procreated a further two times and posed for a family portrait.

Furthermore, Rocket News 24 covered the picture more than a year ago – and claims it is a rather cruel advert for a plastic surgery clinic in Taiwan.

According to the channel, the advert’s strapline featured the words: “The only thing you have to worry about after plastic surgery is the explaining you’ll have to do to your children.”

Mysterious, oh so mysterious.


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