Doge The Shiba Inu Dog Meme Owns The Internet (PICTURES, GIFS)

Doge! Such Funny Best Internet Meme Wow

Doge, the ridiculously photogenic internet meme with a flighty grasp of grammar is OWNING the internet right now. (Wow.)

A recent Google Insights search by @Asher_Wolf for doge activity reveals an enormous spike in recent days.

There is little explanation as to why doge's popularity has blossomed of late, other than he's just so bloody good.

Gawker traces the meme back to Shiba Confessions, from which doge simply goes from strength to strength.

To celebrate all things doge, here are some of our favourite GIFs and pictures (be sure to click through the slideshow to see THE best Halloween costume we've seen in years).

So wow.

Spinning doge

Multiplying doge head

Space doge

Dancing doge


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