09/11/2013 13:11 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Poisonous Fat Washing Up Beaches Along South Wales Coast, Warnings Issued

Natural Resources Wales

Lumps of poisonous fat are invading the south Wales coast line, prompting warnings from environmental experts.

After the disgusting globs of "rancid" fat washed up on several beaches Natural Resources Wales (NRW) issued an urgent call for dog owners to keep pets away as it could pose a risk if ingested.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW)said several animals had fallen ill after eating the the gooey substance, believed to be rancid, degraded vegetable oil, the BBC reported.


The Vale of Glamorgan Council said it is a mystery where the gross deposits are coming from, but said council's environmental health officers are investigating.

The council said there were similar cases on the Cornish coast a few weeks ago, ITV reported.

Samples have been taken away for analysis but experts say the fat is likely to be related to several incidents along the south west coast of England over the last month.

The council's waste management team will inspect and clear the coastline in Ogmore daily until the white substance stops appearing, it said.

"Dog owners are advised to be extra vigilant as their pets are particularly attracted to this type of waste," said an NRW spokesperson.