RBS Banker 'Outraged To Be Paid Just £4m', Reveals Chairman

young businessman looking...
young businessman looking...

Royal Bank of Scotland chairman Sir Philip Hampton has told how he felt like he was having an "out of body experience' when he had to listen to a banker expressing "outrage" about getting a pay deal worth just £4m.

Revealing the pressure top bankers try to put on boardrooms over their pay levels, Sir Philip said he had been lobbied "quite a lot" by staff wanting bigger pay deals via email and face-to-face meetings. The bank is still 81% owned by the taxpayer after a £45 billion bailout in 2008.

Speaking at a debate in London organised by the High Pay Centre, he said: "I can tell you I've had some completely out of body experiences in recent years where I was talking to somebody about potentially getting a £4m pay package, and [there's] outrage coming across the table from the other side because they know that somebody doing a comparable job at another bank is getting £6m."

This comes as reports emerged that many bankers are "struggling" to live on salaries as high as £500,000-a-year, nearly twenty times higher than the national average salary of £26,000.

Sir Philip did not name the banker who had expressed "outrage" at his £4m pay deal, but admitted he could understand the argument on an intellectual basis, even if it showed "part of the different world that can be inhabited".

Sir Philip, who receives £750,000-a-year, warned that the threat of an EU bonus cap would likely push up base salaries for RBS staff, saying: "There will probably be some inflation of base pay."

He added that bonuses in the investment bank were 80% lower and the top 10,000 staff had not received pay rises in 2012.

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