Union Jack Flag Misprint Blunder On Armistice Day (PICTURE)

What's wrong with this picture?

It's a Union Jack with a difference that's for sure and unfortunately it had been fluttering in the breeze above a war memorial on Armistice Day for some time before the blunder was spotted.

Contractors employed by Manchester City Council failed to notice the misprint to the flag, which was hoisted in St Peter's Square in time for Sunday, the Manchester Evening News reported.

Oops: A misprinted Union Jack flag flutters above Manchester's St Peter's Square on Armistice Day

The council was quick to issue an apology, telling the paper: "This was clearly a mistake and we apologise."

And it was hastily removed, BBC radio Manchester revealed in a tweet.

The error on the flag is believed to have been a mistake by the manufacturer, after the Union Jack pattern was cut at the wrong point in the fabric, the Mirror writes.