Union Jack

Labour leader under fire from backbencher Clive Lewis over leaked presentation.
Unit formed to fight Scottish independence is said to have asked vaccine taskforce about branding Oxford injection kits.
On Friday, our Senedd will lower the EU flag, but defiantly raise Y Ddraig Goch in is place – two Red Dragons to one Union Jack, Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price writes.
He appeared to jab a Union Jack flag in the face of Femi Oluwole.
It might seem trivial to many that the flag is displayed correctly, the British flag is often displayed upside down because many people assume the design is symmetrical, but the Brexit debate means that British people may soon need to have a more intimate understanding of their flag.
Holly Willoughby neighbours have accused the ‘This Morning’ host of lowering the tone of her street by flying a Union flag
One of Britain's biggest 'Brexit' campaign groups has been caught flying the Union Jack upside down on one of its patriotic
A pub landlord in Yorkshire says council officers have repeatedly told him to stop wearing his 'Union Jack' jacket in public