Miley Cyrus Lights Up, Kate Moss Wears Playboy Bunny Ears And Prince Harry Becomes A Waxwork - Vote On Your Favourite Pictures

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The devastation of the Tornado Haiyan in the Philippines was laid bare for the world to see earlier in the week, with thousands of fatalities and huge numbers left homeless.

Arise Sir Baldrick - Tony Robinson received his knighthood from Prince William on Tuesday (Blackadder may get jealous!). Speaking of royalty, Prince Harry got the star treatment at Madame Tussauds, complete with frosty eyebrows, in anticipation of his intrepid trip to the South Pole.

Music pioneer Goldie celebrated the opening of his new solo art show in London, along with guests Rio Ferdinand and Ian Brown (read our Goldie interview here).

Kate Moss put on her Playboy bunny ears, an elephant flipped a hippo and a rhino got airlifted to safety - all in our pics of the week.

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