Teacher, Mark Berndt, Pleads Guilty To Feeding Students Semen-Laced Cookies In Los Angeles School

An American teacher is to be jailed after admitting blindfolding his students and feeding them cookies laced with his own semen.

Mark Berndt, 62, pleaded guilty to 23 crimes committed at the Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles against 30 pupils over two decades, reports AP.

Berndt referred to his vile crimes as "tasting games".

Mark Berndt will likely be sentenced to 25 years

All of the pupils affected are now in therapy and some have developed eating disorders, reports the Daily Mail.

John Manly, an attorney who represents 30 of Berndt's students and their parents, said: "He's going to jail essentially for the rest of his life

"You can't ask for more than that."

"For all intents and purposes, this man murdered these children emotionally."

Berndt was exposed after a drugstore photo technician noticed photos of blindfolded third-graders (8-9 years of age) that were amongst photos submitted by the teacher for developing.

He was reported to police who found a plastic spoon with traces of semen on a classroom bin.

He was removed from his post in 2011.

It later transpired complaints against him had been ignored leading to an overhaul in how LA schools dealt with allegations of sexual abuse.

Another teacher from the school, Martin Springer, is awaiting trial after being charged with lewd acts on a child in a case involving a second-grader.