Lidl Advert For 'Turkey, Chicken And Duck': Viewers Complain It Is Offensive

Is Lidl's Christmas Advert Offensive?

UPDATE: The Advertising Standards Authority is deciding whether to launch an investigation after receiving two complaints about the advert.

A spokesman said the complainants said the advert was offensive "because it trivialises the fact that the animals which have gone into the product are dead as well as making light of cheap farming practices."

Have you seen Lidl's new Christmas advert, the one with the turkey, chicken and duck?

If not, you soon will. Not everybody's a fan either, because of a rather glib reference to the animals that have gone into its £9.99 meat loaf extravaganza.

"Turkey, chicken and duck, in one meal", declares the voice-over.

"So everybody's happy.

"Apart from the turkey, chicken and duck."

As it turns out, it's not just the turkey, chicken and duck who are unhappy:

The supermarket's Facebook page was swamped by angry comments

Lidl replied to one user:

Meanwhile, plenty more people vented their anger on Twitter:

A Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) spokesman said: "First reindeer, now three different species of birds – the unfeeling marketing team at Lidl clearly needs to be reminded that the season of goodwill should be more than words on a Christmas card.

"All animals feel pain, just as we do, and they deserve better than to be killed and eaten in some ironic centrepiece at Christmas dinner."

The campaign group said factory-farmed birds had to endure grim conditions before being killed.

Lidl's spokeswoman said in a statement: "We were very excited to launch our first ever national TV campaign this month for our Deluxe Christmas range and have had a very positive response from our customers so far.

"We are aware of a number of complaints received regarding the wording of one of these adverts and, whilst it was certainly not our intention to cause offence, we do appreciate all customer feedback and we will certainly bear this in mind for advertising campaigns we may run in the future."


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