Bauballs Are Possibly The Best Tree Ornament Ever - Tell Your Nan It's An Upside-Down Heart

As Movember draws to an end, a great way to keep the focus on testicular cancer is to invest in a pair of 'bauballs' - testicle-shaped Christmas decorations.

All proceeds from the decorations go to male cancer charity Orchid, and it's actually a great way to raise awareness because even the shyest person will want to know why there are a pair of balls hanging from your tree.

Then you can tell them that 2,000 men a year are diagnosed with testicular cancer, and that 98% of the cases can be cured if caught early.

And hey, like we said, if your nan asks, just flip the bauball upside down and ta-da! That's one way to say I Love You.

You can buy a pair of Bauballs from House of Fraser for £5 and at

Click here for more information on how to check yourself for testicular cancer.