Children's Drawings Of Their Grandparents Are Brought To Life (PICTURES)

"We are living in a rapidly ageing society. A majority regards this as a negative development," writes Yoni Lefévre, a Dutch designer working in the concept and visualisation of social design. "Older people are perceived as standing on the sideline, having lost their independence. But I see the great value this generation can offer."

For this reason, Lefévre came up with the series ‘Grey Power’ - which takes drawings made by children of their grandparents and recreates them in real life (thanks also to photography by Nick Bookelaar).

"Children do not regard their grandparents as grey and withered, but as active human beings who add colour to their lives," notes Lefévre. "Their fresh perspective can contribute towards a more nuanced and positive view on the composition of our society."

Take a look at the wonderful results, below:

'Grey Power' photo series