Dog Travels 55 Miles Dangling From Car Bumper And Survives (PICTURE)

A plucky mongrel has survived a 55 mile car journey wedged in the grill of a car.

The hapless hound was struck by student Julian Cesar Siqueira as he drove in Itapetinga, north eastern Brazil on Tuesday.

The 35-year-old carried on his hour-long journey, unaware he had scooped the animal up.

She'll be OK! The dog is being treated for a broken leg

It was only when he arrived at his university campus in Vitoria de Conquista, Bahia state, that passers-by noticed the terrified animal and alerted him.

"But then I heard a thud, and realised I'd hit it. I was traveling at speed and knew it could have survived the collision, so I kept driving. It's quite a dangerous spot."

When Siqueira eventually came to a stop at the university, he said: "Someone told me there was a dog on the front of my car, so we went to look, imagining it was dead.

"We couldn't believe it when she appeared to still be alive and conscious.

"The force of the collision had smashed the front panel and she was trapped in the body of the car."

Firefighters and a local vet were called who rescued the animal, which was found to have a broken front leg but was otherwise unharmed.

The bitch has now been christened Vitoria, which as well as being the name of the town, means 'Victory' in English.

A spokesman for Vitoria da Conquista's 7th Fire Brigade confirmed they had freed the dog and that it was being cared for at a private veterinary clinic in the town.

Siqueira had agreed to pay all of the dog's treatment, the spokesman added.

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