Kate Middleton As Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Beyonce And Madonna, By Michele Moricci (PICTURES)

It's probably safe to say the Duchess of Cambridge will never do a creepy, crotch-bearing photo shoot with the "edgy" Terry Richardson.

Nor are you likely to see her doing a Britney and writhing with a python or donning a meat dress a la Gaga.

So we've go the next best thing - a series of drawings of Kate re-imagined as the pop stars of the moment.

Looks familiar... the Duchess of Cambridge re-imagined as Katy Perry

As well as Miley, Britney and Gaga, there's Prince George's mum as Beyonce, poured into Madonna's infamous cone basque and Katy Perry's whipped cream rocket launcher bra.

The images are by Italian artist MicheleMoricci and were commissioned by Cosmopolitan magazine.

Moricci told HuffPost UK: "I love Kate, she's the perfect sweetheart, a princess and a modern day woman. I just put some pepper in her style, didn't I?

"I hope people can find the fun side of these illustrations, because that's how they meant to be. I hope Kate appreciates them too - these are the pop stars that embody our time - just like princess Kate does."


Kate Middleton does pop