Monday Mornings Aren't The Worst After All: People Most Productive At Start Of Week

Time to turn that Monday frown upside down.

Who would've thought that overcoming the obstacles of a Monday morning - finding a pair of matching socks or resisting the urge to fall asleep on the train - may just yield in the most productive work day of the week?

Researchers have found that we're at our peak of our productivity on Mondays bright and early at 10:01am, but by Tuesday afternoon all that energy begins to fade and the procrastination monster kicks in.

More often than not the noble intentions of Monday morning's to-do list have been thwarted: two thirds of people barely ever manage to complete everything they set out to, according to the Microsoft Office survey.

Our advice? Make the most of your energy and concentration while it lasts.

As silly as it may sound, sometimes taking the smallest precautions - such as charging your devices or putting your keys on the table - before going to sleep can turn your mornings around.

All in all, you can make time for anything - just have to learn how to prioritise well and efficiently.

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