Wife Announces Divorce On Wales Bar Sign After Discovering Husband Is Having Affair


Hell hath no fury… A man was served a nasty shock along with his evening tipple in a bar in Wales after his soon to be ex-wife announced she was divorcing him via a sign outside the venue.

The South Wales Evening Post reported that a bar in Uplands, a suburb in Swansea, displayed the sign over the weekend.

Though the bar, Noah's Yard, is known for regularly changing the message on its sign, owner Noah Redfern said this latest edition was a special request. On Tuesday, a patron walked into the bar after discovering her husband's affair and asked him and his crew to do the honour of breaking the bad news.

“Maybe this will become a new way of asking for a divorce," Redfern told the paper.

As for the scorned wife, she told the paper she's feeling a lot better since announcing the news -- even if Paul is "furious" over the sign.

“A lot of my friends and family have seen it and have been supporting me," the wife, who wished to remain anonymous, said. "I did feel a bit better once the sign went up. I wanted to name and shame him."

Name and shame she did, but she's hardly the first wife to do so. A wife in Colorado recently put her husband on blast after finding out he had cheated on her. The message she left on the back of his Ford Excursion? "Dear Dave, Tell your GF ur wife & kids say hi. P.S. I cleaned out bank! Your broke. Love, Nikki & kids."

Another angry divorcee in Coalville, Leicester, has hung up a sign outside his house aimed at his ex-wife following what appears to be an acrimonious split.

The sign is said to have been up for two weeks

The sign, which reads 'Your getting f*** all' (sic), was plastered across the house to inspire other men going through a divorce, the Daily Star reported.

A neighbour told the Daily MailOnline the man was "a little bit upset".

"I've never seen anything like it before. I think he wants to get his message across in a big way. It is quite eye-catching."

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