Brazilian Footballers Stage Sit-Down Protest Against Demanding Schedules (VIDEO)

Brazilian footballers have stepped up their campaign to force the sport's governing body to change their packed schedule ahead of next year's World Cup.

As referees blew whistles to kick off games throughout the country, players on opposing teams united and sat down on the pitches in protest.

These latest demonstrations follow incidents two weeks ago when players crossed their arms and remained motionless for several moments after the opening whistle. In one match, players began to kick the ball back and forth between the teams after the referee had threatened to give yellow cards to all those on the field.

The protests have been organised by Bom Senso FC (Sense FC), a players' collective which is demanding a more organised calendar that benefits players, teams and fans. Grievances include a shortened pre-season ahead of the 2014 world Cup.

Find out more in the video above.

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