Pensioner Asked For ID In Tesco To Buy Alcohol At The Age Of 92

Pensioner asked for ID
Pensioner asked for ID

A 92-year-old war veteran says he was stunned when asked for ID to buy vodka in Tesco.

Tony Ball said he had been stopped from buying two bottles of the spirit in Feltham, West London.

It appears the check-out worker was joking when she asked him to prove he was over 18 - but Ball didn't see the funny side and stormed out.

He told The Sun: "I laughed, but she then said, 'We’re not allowed to serve you if you’re underage'.

"By the look on her face she wasn’t joking. I said, 'Do you mean it?' and she said, 'Yes'. So I said, 'You can tell Tesco what to do with their stuff', and walked out."

He told The Sun: "Our colleague was trying to be light-hearted, but we appreciate the joke wasn’t shared. We have apologised and we’re keeping Mr Ball’s bottles for him if he chooses to drop by, with our compliments."


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