Women Twerk On New York Subway Tracks (VIDEO)

'One Word, Dumb'

It's arguably the most stupid way possible to pass the time while waiting for a train.

Police are investigating a video featuring two giggling morons women who were filmed twerking on the New York subway - in the path of oncoming trains and inches from a 600-volt rail.

A male friend can be heard laughing as he records the impromptu dance session while a woman can be heard pleading with the cameraman: ‘No face! No face!’

"One word, dumb," Kevin Ortiz, spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, told the New York Post.

The shocking clip has been viewed more than 65,000 times in the day since it was uploaded to YouTube, prompting much disdain on the site.

Comments range from "And the Darwin Award goes to...," to "Absolute idiocy!! That's how delays happen."

A Metropolitan Transport Authority spokesman told the New York Daily News the video is thought to have been shot on the 8th Avenue line, which carries subway routes A, C and E.

The three routes run 24 hours a day and trains are as often as every five minutes, highlighting the idiocy of the twerkers.

The women’s stunt comes after a series of high-profile deaths on the New York subway this year, including that of a 30-year-old who was electrocuted after drunkenly urinating on a 600-volt rail in Brooklyn.

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