Exploding Whale Almost Takes Out Scientist (GRAPHIC PICTURES)

GRAPHIC: Exploding Whale Almost Takes Out Scientist

This is not one for the faint-hearted, or if you've just got your lunch, or if you want to retain your breakfast.

This is the moment a marine biologist almost got taken out by an exploding whale.


Poor Bjarni Mikkelsen, a scientist at the National Museum of the Faroe Islands, was given the rather grim task of getting rid of a whale corpse after two died this week near the Faroe Islands.

But little did he expect that it would explode in his face.

Dressed from head to toe in protective clothing, the marine biologist is seen nervously prodding the carcass.

As he punctured the creature's stomach, with a loud bang, the gas trapped inside rips through the 45ft-whale’s corpse, spewing guts and internal organs into the air.

The gut-busting reaction came after a buildup of gases, specifically methane, caused by the putrefaction process.

While these types of “natural” whale explosions aren’t common, they aren’t unprecedented.


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