The Harvey Nichols Christmas Advert Will Make You Despair For Humanity (VIDEO)

Or at least the part of it that shops at Harvey Nichols.

We know it's supposed to be tongue-in-cheek. But the Harvey Nichols Christmas advert may also make you want to hate people. Specifically: the sort of people who shop in Harvey Nichols.

For the store's slogan this Christmas is ''Tis the season to be self-indulgent!'. Although watching the advert, it appears to be ''Tis the season to be an utterly selfish t***!'

Yes, if Boris Johnson's recent 'greed is good' message was made into a Christmas advert, this would be it. Because Harvey Nichols seems to want us to emulate these five people:

1. Utterly selfish daughter

Harvey Nichols' Christmas Advert

Call us old-fashioned, Harvey Nichols, but we think Christmas is a time for the opposite of self-indulgence: namely, caring about others.

If only they'd had everybody throw their gifts back in their stupid, selfish, Harvey Nichols-shopping faces. Now that would have been a great Christmas message!

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