Dave Styles, Australia Zoo Keeper Attacked By Tiger, Bitten On The Head (PICTURE/VIDEO)

A zoo keeper is recovering after this horrific attack by a tiger left him with puncture wounds to his head and shoulder.

Styles had to be rescued by co-workers and airlifted to hospital

Dave Styles, 30, was pounced upon by the 114-kilogram Bengal called Charlie during a show at the Australia Zoo in Queensland, set up by the late Steve Irwin's family.

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Dave Styles

Tiger Attack

The animal was understatedly said to have become "excited".

Zoo owner, Wes Mannion, said the six-year-old tiger may have been confused by Style's blue poncho and mistaken him for a tay.

He said: "We don't try and stop them from biting the toys they play with and, like I said, it was an accident.

"He didn't think he had a human, he thought he had a toy."

Safety procedures at the zoo are under review.

A spokesman from the zoo said in a statement: "Australia Zoo would like to thank everybody for the support that they have shown to Dave and his family.