Elan Gale Vs Diane: Mid-Air Thanksgiving Twitter Spat Was A HOAX

A Thanksgiving flight turned into an epic war of words after passengers on a delayed plane began trading insults.

Except they didn't.

We all gullibly gobbled up a bitter battle between passenger Elan Gale and a woman named Diane.

Elan Gale

It seemed like the bitchiest, most passive-aggressive exchanges ever,rapidly going viral as it played out on Twitter, and supposedly climaxing with a stinging slap in the face.

But after leaving internet users aghast by the real-time drama, the TV producer has revealed the hilarious exchange was just an elaborate hoax.

It all began when Gale, who according to his Twitter account is the producer on ABC's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, was waiting to fly from New York to Los Angeles when the delay occurred.

He began tweeting, claiming one of the passengers - 'Diane' - was loudly complaining and patronising the crew.

When they were eventually cleared for take off, Gale sent her a glass of wine and a note, acknowledging her distress at not reaching her family on time, and stating: "It is a gift from me to you. Hopefully if you drink it you won't be able to use your mouth to talk."

This sparked a furious exchange, peppered with more notes, threats to involve "the authorities", a descent into instructions to "eat my dick" and physical contact in the form of a slap.

Read how it played out here:

Elan Gale vs Diane