05/12/2013 06:27 GMT | Updated 04/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Lola The Vamp: Student Becomes First To Get PhD For Burlesque Striptease Performance

Lola Montgomery is a student who recently gained her PhD; pretty normal, you might be thinking - only she performed a striptease to get it.

Better known as her burlesque persona Lola The Vamp, the Australian became the first dancer to actually perform the art of burlesque for a PhD, and is due to graduate from Griffith University, in her home country, on Monday.

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The dancer told The Huffington Post UK her PhD research comprised "being" Lola The Vamp.

"I was performing for my assessment for several years, not knowing which pieces I would eventually submit," she says. "

"Over the years of the PhD, I created and filmed live acts, and full versions of these became the PhD creative submission as well as a book of images collected over the years.

"I wanted to demonstrate the progression through the time of the PhD - the different concerns I had at different points in the progress. The book of images also allowed me to show the burlesque persona as something that exists in several mediums such as live performance, video and photography, and not to mention social media now too!"