Glowing Alien Squid In Bristol Harbour Was A Prank (VIDEO)

Bristol Harbour Alien Is A Prank. Sigh

The appearance of a glowing, pulsing squid-like creature in Bristol harbour this week whipped up a frenzy of excitement.

Baffled marine experts were consulted, a local MP tweeted pictures of it and the internet quivered with excitement at the prospect of finally coming face-to-face with our water-dwelling alien overlords.

Among the theories on Twitter - where impressions around the subject exceeded 3.5 million in just 24 hours - our favourite speculated: "It's like Cocoon all over again - but in the West Country".

The "creature" was first spotted hanging Bristol Harbour on Tuesday

Sadly there is no glowing alien squid patrolling the waterways of Bristol. There will be no intergalactic introductions.

For the "creature" was a stunt by TV channel Watch, designed to promote upcoming show The Happenings.



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