'PowerUp 3.0' Turns Paper Planes Into Smartphone-Controlled Drone

Turn Your Paper Plane Into A Remote Controlled Drone For £20

Don't tell your kids about this - it's not out until after Christmas, and if they know it exists no other toy will mean anything.

We're talking about PowerUp 3.0 - a new £20 device which can turn a normal paper plane into a smartphone-controlled, powered drone.

The little gizmo won a 'Best Toy' award at the NY Toy Fair recently, and we can see why. It's made of "crash-proof carbon fiber", has a 10-minute lithium-ion battery automatic thrust to assist when banking and is able to automatically adjust its thrust levels when turning. And as a combination of hand-made traditional and high-tech gadgetry, it's just adorable.

The toy - which has already raised almost ten times its Kickstarter target of $50,000 - is still accepting pledges (and orders) until 5 January 2014. Take a look at why the response has been so phenomenal in the pitch video above.


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