TV TONIGHT: Friday 6 December - Robbie Williams, 'Sherlock', Graham Norton

By far, the best thing on tonight's TV is a repeat - which, contrary to doom and gloom in some areas about this year's Christmas schedules, need not necessarily be a bad thing! To business, here are our picks of tonight's in-house entertainments...

Robbie Williams - One Night At The Palladium - BBC1, 8pm

Yes, your licence payers' money is going on this extended, primetime ad for this now silver-quiffed but still cheeky-chappy singer's latest album 'Swings Both Ways'. While the whole 'I'm a man but really still a boy' stuff is a bit 2002, Williams can still certainly put on a show. And with the Muppets among his guest stars, it remains fun for all the family. (Or you can watch 'The Secret War' on the iPlayer - just saying.)

Sherlock - BBC3, 9pm

It seems like nit-picking to call this the most average of all of the adventures of this incarnation of the Victorian sleuth made modern, nay timeless, through the skills of Benedict Cumberbatch, sidekick Martin Freeman and writer Mark Gatiss. But this adaptation of Hound of the Baskervilles didn't have quite the sexiness of Holmes' dealings with The Lady, nor the heartrending philosophy of The Fall. Still, there's much to enjoy, and quite enough to whet the appetites for the return of Sherlock in the new year. Apparently, he lives!

The Graham Norton Show - BBC1, 10.35pm

While Jonathan Ross's guests this year have been hit and miss - with a big scoop of Tom Daley on the sofa tomorrow night - Graham Norton's lineup continues to provide consistent quality, and this week is no exception, with star turnouts Daniel Radcliffe (who expressed some very strong views in conversation with us this week) and Harry Hill, with Cliff Richard wearing the veteran badge. As long as David Walliams doesn't try to hog the gig, we should be all right, as good manners are assured from Mary Berry.

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