Daniel Radcliffe

“I have to thank them because you are the best parents. It was a crazy thing that we embarked on as a family 16 years ago but we made it and I made it thanks to you.”
The Harry Potter star has shared why he thinks a film with the Abbott Elementary creator would work perfectly.
David Holmes served as Daniel's stunt double for every single Potter film — until he was paralysed on set.
The Lost City actor has admitted he spoils the magic for kids "on a regular basis".
David Holmes broke his neck and suffered severe spinal injuries while filming the penultimate film in the franchise.
The actor has been looking ripped, prompting fans to assume he’s gearing up to play Marvel's fast-healing mutant.
The Harry Potter actor and his partner Erin Darke welcomed their first child in April 2023.
Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint have all paid their respects to the actor who portrayed Dumbledore on the big screen.
The beloved actor sets the record straight about whether we’ll catch him in the forthcoming fantasy series.
The Harry Potter star's long-term partner Erin Darke gave birth to a son earlier this year.