Cancer Patients' Extravagant Makeovers Allow Them To Forget Illness 'If Only For A Second'

Living with cancer is a constant struggle. Patients have to try and adapt not only to the physical impact of the disease - changing appearance and low energy levels - but also the mental pressures - including anxiety, exhaustion and lack of self-esteem.

But what if someone could wave a magic wand and brush all the worries aside - if only for a second?

As part of a heart-warming project, led by cancer charity The Mimi Foundation, has done just that - allowing cancer patients to forget their illness and feel carefree for a brief moment.

The organisation gave extravagant makeovers to 20 cancer patients and, with photographer Vincent Dixon hiding behind a one-way mirror, captured the very first moment the individuals saw the new look.


If Only For A Second

Participants were asked to keep their eye's tightly shut throughout hair and make-up, so as not to ruin the surprise.

These extraordinary images - destined to inspire us all - are compiled into a 60-page book called “If only for a second”.

Each picture has its own caption, date and 'the exact second when the person forgot about their disease'.

According to, the foundation said it was inspired by a remark from a cancer sufferer who was asked what they missed from the time they were cancer-free.

It's incredible to have these powerful pictures available to anybody seeking a little bit of comfort - whether fighting with an illness, or simply in need of some strength and inspiration.