Real Madrid's Press Conference Disrupted By Anti-Gazprom Protest (PICTURES)

Real Madrid's press conference before Tuesday's Champions League group match at Copenhagen was disrupted by Greenpeace's latest anti-Gazprom stunt.

A banner was lowered behind coach Carlo Ancelotti and Madrid defender Pepe, which read "Save the Arctic" and "Show Gazprom the red card", and featured the logo of the environmental protest group. It was quickly removed by an official.

Gazprom are one of the Champions League's sponsors and the poster blocked out the state-owned Russian oil giant's logo on the set behind Ancelotti.

Greenpeace struck again before Madrid's Champions League match

In October, Basel and Schalke's Champions League tie was held up when Greenpeace activists abseiled down from the St. Jakob-Park roof and unfurled a banner protesting against Gazprom.

Gazprom, whose offshore oil drilling in the Arctic is opposed by Greenpeace, are also Schalke's sponsors for Champions League games.

Anti-Gazprom protest

The banner read "Don't foul the Arctic" and heralded The "Arctic 30", referring to the 30 activists recently detained by Russian authorities in the Arctic after two of them tried to scale a Gazprom oil platform.