Celebrity Selfies: Which Stars Were The Most Selfie-Obsessed In 2013? (VIDEO, PICS)

In case you hadn't noticed, 2013 was the year of the selfie. In fact it made such an impact that it was even added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Celebs the world over went from self-obsessed to selfie-obsessed this year in a bid to out-selfie their famous counterparts.

There were bums (hello Kim Kardashian), boobs (Helen Flanagan and Jodie Marsh, we're looking at you(rs)) and lots of pouting (the rest of celebville).

So, as the word itself prepares to become like, SO last year, let's remind ourselves of some of the best celeb selfies of 2013.

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Kim Kardashian

Top 40 Celeb Selfies