11/12/2013 09:34 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 01:38 GMT

Cow Photographed Riding In The Back Seat Of A Citroen Xsara (PICTURE)

Toy Garfields. ‘Baby on Board’ signs. Glaring Infants. These are just some of the common sights in the back of cars.

And cows.

Well, this cow anyway.

cow in a car

Keep on moo-ving: The cow peers out of the back of the car

This astonishing sight was captured by Carla Quinn during a drive through Northern Ireland's Ballymena town centre last week.

Quinn told HuffPost UK: “At first I thought ‘that’s a big dog, it’s the size of a cow’.

“Then I thought it looked more like a panda… suddenly the head moved and I saw the yellow tags in its ears and realised it actually was a cow.”

cow in car

Safe and dry (well it was raining)

Just in case you were wondering, it’s perfectly legal to carry a car in a car – as the Belfast Telegraph has since uncovered, though a spokesman for the Police Service of Northern Ireland told the paper it was “ill-advised but not illegal.”

Quinn, an employment officer added: “Someone’s getting a cow for Christmas.”

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