Joey Essex Reveals Dramatic 'I'm A Celebrity' Weight Loss (PICTURE)

Joey Reveals Jungle Weight Loss

Joey Essex has revealed his dramatic weight loss following his stint in the 'I'm A Celebrity' jungle.

The 'TOWIE' star shared a super skinny picture on Instagram, showing the effects of surviving on the camp's basic rations.

Looking withdrawn and gaunt, Joey laid himself bare in the snap, captioning it: "Getting out of bed now. Australia Versace right about now #Versace."

The photo sparked concern from his followers, with one commenting: "Not trying to be mean but you look ill, go eat something pls!"

Another said: "Oh no you have lost too much weight, eat eat eat."

Joey lost 21 lbs during his three week stay in the jungle, telling Digital Spy: "I lost just under a stone and a half, but I've been eating ever since I left the jungle. I had three meals before I got to the hotel!

"I had a full English breakfast, a bacon and egg sandwich and a curry. It was reem."


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