Fewer Think Ed Miliband Will Be Prime Minister


The number of Britons who think Ed Miliband is likely to be the prime minister after the next election has fallen dramatically, according to a poll.

Research by ComRes for the Independent on Sunday and Sunday Mirror found 21% believed the Labour leader would be in No 10 after the next election, down 10 points since May.

Some 40% disagreed that Mr Miliband was likely to be prime minister - up three points - but the poll also contained better news for his party, with the Labour lead over the Tories up to seven points, an increase of one point from last month.

The poll put Labour on 36%, ahead of the Conservatives on 29%, Ukip on 18% and the Liberal Democrats slipping two points to 8%.

David Cameron was picked as the leading politician voters would most like to spend Christmas with - although 60% of voters were unable to choose when presented with the choice of the Prime Minister, Chancellor George Osborne, Mr Miliband, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg or Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

The Prime Minister was picked by 11% as their preferred festive companion, Mr Miliband by 10%, Mr Farage by 9%, Mr Clegg on 8% - but there was bad news for Mr Osborne who was chosen by just 1%.

Some 30% of voters expect taxes would be higher if Labour wins the next election but the same proportion think taxes would be higher if the Conservatives win.

But 38% think that public services would be worse if the Tories win, while only 24% expect services to suffer if Labour win.