23 Tips To Stay In Shape During Christmas (Without Giving Up On Holiday Meals)

23 Tips To Stay In Shape Over Xmas Without Dieting

We realise how foolish it would be to get between you and the mince pie you've been coveting, so far be from us to suggest you chew bean sprouts over Christmas.

Yet the holiday season dilemma still haunts us: do we continue our usual diet and fitness routines, or is it okay to fully indulge in everything the winter holidays have to offer?

Nutritionist and author, Fiona Kirk helps us decide for the latter, (phew).

These 23 fat busting daily tips will not only leave you looking festive fit and guilt-free, but you'll also easily be able to incorporate them into your every days.

1. Soup is a great hunger-buster. Make it your mid morning and/or mid afternoon snack of choice instead of coffee/tea and a bickie!

2. If you are a cheese-a-holic opt for goats or ewes milk cheeses as they are generally lower in fat. Look for the goat or the sheep on the pack.

3. Many fruit yoghurts are heaving with sugar. Go for 0% fat Greek yoghurt and add your own fruit (and a few nuts or seeds).

4. If fizzy soft drinks have become a regular habit, try replacing them with sparkling water mixed 50:50 with fresh fruit juice - half the calories!

5. Go to work on an egg! They have had some bad press over the years but boiled/scrambled eggs and toast ‘soldiers‘ are a great fat busting breakfast.

6. Calcium-rich foods burn fat fast. Tinned sardines are a great source so squash a few onto a couple of oatcakes for lunch or a snack.

7. Difficult to believe but lemons and limes promote alkalinity in the digestive system and prevent bloating. Get them into your foods and drinks.

8. A multi vitamin and mineral supplement is a good shout at this time of the year. Try Nutrishield’s daily pack - a great combination of essentials.

9. Ever tried a wheat-free day or two? You will be amazed at how much looser your waistband feels but you have to read the food labels.

10. No, avocados are not fattening, they are rich in fat burning fats. Half one, stuff it with tinned salmon mixed with salsa and lunch is sorted.

11. Cereal bars are a quick snack but many are sugar-laden. Go for Nine bars and Food Doctor bars for a nutritious snack.

12. Magnesium is a metabolism booster and most of us aren’t getting enough of it. Keep a small bag of almonds in your handbag and nibble away throughout the day.

13. Popeye knew what he was talking about! Spinach (fresh or frozen) is widely available and is bursting with essential fat busting minerals.

14. Salt needn’t be the enemy it is believed to be. Look out for low sodium, magnesium and potassium-rich salts on the shelves (Solo is widely available)

15. Chillies really have the X factor for fat loss; the body burns more calories just trying to bring the heat down so sling more into your cooking!

16. Ever tried pumpkin seed butter? Yum! Spread it on Ryvita, watch it soak through the holes and know you are getting a load of fat busting Omegas.

17. 2lbs of muscle weighs the same as 2lbs of fat but muscle is denser so you look leaner. Try resistance training (lifting weights) for 20 minutes a day.

18. Make a note of when your energy dips occur today (it is often the same time of the day every day) so you can have a snack and avoid it tomorrow.

19. You simply don’t have time for a virus so get ahead of the game and boost your vitamin C and zinc levels with Biocare’s Immune C.

20. Beans mean business. Fat busting, filling and bursting with goodness. Sling a 3 bean salad onto a few leaves for lunch today.

21. Out last night? Feeling a bit delicate? Try my hangover cocktail for breakfast; tomato juice with celery salt, powdered ginger and a few drops of rescue remedy.

22. Keep mini bars of 70% cocoa solids dark chocolate in the fridge and when the chocolate monster beckons, devour one - full of antioxidants, won’t do much harm!

23. If you can’t function without your morning latte, ask for it to be made with soya milk to keep your blood sugar balanced for longer and avoid sugar cravings.