17/12/2013 15:16 GMT | Updated 17/12/2013 15:38 GMT

Chuckle Brothers To Guest Edit The Northern Echo Newspaper

Ian West/PA Archive
The brothers in their glory days

In what has to be the most bizarre media story of the year - discounting Kirsty Wark shuffling like a zombie to Thriller - the Chuckle Brothers, that odd pair from Nineties TV, have been asked to guest edit a newspaper.

That’s right - two men who built a joint career on the basis of looking similar and repeating the phrase "to me, to you" will be marshalling Monday's lunchtime news conference at the Northern Echo, one of the UK's leading regional rags.

What next, you ask? Peter Hitchens being abused on Newsnight by a cast member of Friends?

The brothers, both in their sixties, are currently starring in Aladdin at the Darlington Civic Theatre, and have been asked by the editor Peter Barron to come in and chair the meeting, as well as judge the paper's Christmas cracker joke competition, which is raising funds for St Teresa's Hospice in the town.

Rumours that the effete crocodile from the Pink Windmill is to guest edit the Daily Mail remain unconfirmed.