Student Pranks News Station, Gives Name In Arabic As 'Father Of A Whore'

Student Pulls Off Epic Prank On Live TV (VIDEO)

Hats off to University of Houston student Sayed Jamal Hamideh, for epically pranking a news channel.

A straight-faced Hamideh spoke to ABC 13 News about an armed robbery on his campus, giving his name as "Abu Sharmouta".

Which is Arabic for “father of a whore”.

Arab speakers will see the funny side...

An oblivious Crystal Kobza repeatedly addressed him by the name during the interview, though Hamideh (@ThatPancakeKid) later took to Twitter to thank her for being "awesome and such a good sport".

Yes it’s juvenile. A bit mean. And bloody funny... with people tweeting their appreciation all the way from Palestine, Dubai, Lebanon and Syria.

H/t to Us Vs Th3m.


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