17/12/2013 08:48 GMT | Updated 17/12/2013 09:34 GMT

Was Peter O'Toole The Ultimate Actor? (PICTURES)

Peter O'Toole passed away this week after a long battle with illness aged 81.

The Irish-born actor graced the silver screen for over 50 years and O'Toole's most famous role was in 'Lawrence of Arabia', which earned him the first of eight Oscar nominations.

His major Hollywood hits that followed included 'Goodbye Mr Chips', 'The Lion in Winter' and 'My Favourite Year'.

He held the record for having eight Oscar nominations but no wins, he was finally given an honorary Academy Award in 2003.

During his career he took on many roles and it appears he may of inspired a generation, as many actors have channelled the 'Peter O'Toole' look.

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