Overweight Barman Dieted Using The 5:2 Diet And Now Gets (Apparently) Mistaken For Zayn Malik From One Direction


An overweight barman who went on the 5:2 diet to get a girlfriend has achieved his goal with an unexpected side effect - apparently he's now a dead ringer for One Direction's Zayn Malik.

Connor Sayer, 20, was over 14 stone after a regular lifestyle of heavy drinking sessions and takeaways.

But Connor decided to get in shape to land a girlfriend and lost four stone - and developed an uncanny resemblance to the X-Factor heartthrob Malik.

Connor before dieting

After the diet

And after slimming down to 10 stone, he is now is swamped with offers from girls - and modelling agencies.

He's even juggling two girlfriends at the same time due to his famous looks.

He said: "I was always the funny guy, the guy who made you laugh but who was always single. I was the token fat lad of the group.

"All my mates were skinny and had girlfriends, and so I overcompensated by being arrogant and thinking I was cool.

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"In reality, I was just self-conscious and insecure. I didn't realise I looked anything like Zayn Malik until my friends told me I should start modelling.

"I put some pictures up on Facebook and I was inundated with messages from girls telling me how much I looked like him.

"Now, when I go to the pub or go out on a night out, girls just flock to me asking me for my number."

From Barman To 1D's Zayn Lookeylikey

Connor, of Doncaster, Yorkshire - the same county as Malik - piled on the pounds late in his teens, although he admits he was a chubby school kid.

He said: "I was always the fat one, but when I started drinking, that's when it got worse. I hated being around my mates who were skinny and had girlfriends.

"I used to just laugh off my problems and I would drink five days of the week, and never do any exercise.

"I tried to lose weight in the past, but with no girlfriend to notice, I gave up pretty quickly."

Connor, who works part-time as a barman, decided enough was enough, and after reading an article about the 5-2 diet, he decided to give it a go.

Fasting for two days a week, and eating healthily on the other five, Connor saw the difference almost immediately.

"The first two weeks were the toughest because my body had to get used to being denied food," he said. "After that my stomach shrank and I wasn't able to eat what I did before.

"I started cycling four miles every day and the weight just fell off."

Connor lost four stone in total, but the transformation from heifer to hotty has turned his life around.

He approached an agency and is now modelling part time, but he says the best thing about looking like Zayn Malik is the attention he gets from girls.

He said: ''It's a massive compliment that girls even find me attractive at all, as I still see the same lad, just a bit skinnier.

"My confidence has increased enormously, and I can't go to a pub without getting propositioned. And if they think I'm really him, who am I to tell them otherwise?

"I'm not a huge fan of One Direction, but after people told me I looked like one of them, I started listening to them. Now, I'm a total One Directioner."

Connor is currently looking for work as a Zayn Malik lookalike.

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