23/12/2013 04:36 GMT | Updated 23/12/2013 04:37 GMT

Rail Fare Increase Pushes Season Tickets In Kent To £5,000 A Year

Rail fares increase

Tired of cramming on to a delayed train to get to work every morning?

For people living in parts of Kent, insult has just been added to injury, with the news that their season tickets have just reached an eye-watering £5,000.

The 2014 rail fares were announced on Monday morning.

Increases of 3.4% take those travelling to London from Dover Priory and Deal in Kent past the £5,000 figure.

And commuters from Basingstoke in Hampshire will join the £4,000 "club" following a 2.93% increase on their season tickets to and from London.

The figures were revealed on the rail industry's National Rail Enquiries website today, with the new fares taking effect from January 2.

An annual season ticket to London from Dover Priory and from Deal goes up from £4,864 to £5,012, while one from Basingstoke rises from £3,960 to £4,076.

Other annual season ticket increases include:

Folkestone Central to London - up 3.06% to £4,984

Reading to London - up 3.23% to £4,088

Sevenoaks to London - up 3.08% to £3,208

Aylesbury to London - up 2.75% to £3,732

Bedford to London - up 3.07% to £4,300

Woking to London - up 2.9% to £2,980