BNP Gets Santa Vote, Nick Griffin Thinks 2014 Is The Year For Them

Bad news folks - Father Christmas is voting BNP.

Yup, that's right. Despite residing in Lapland and being ineligible to vote, Nick Griffin's lot have taken great heart in a recent YouGov poll indicating four percent of people think Santa would vote for them.

Four percent. Possibly not enough to win an election.

Coming to a chimney near you. But only if you're white.

Buoyed by this astronomical figures, the latest BNP newsletter has sought to build on their festive 'win':

"Humour aside, this poll actually provides a very useful insight into the level of support for the BNP at the time the poll was taken and an indication as to who the people participating in the poll would vote for.

"Considering the fact that the overall percentage would be reduced by those polling in areas where the BNP traditionally fares less well – such as certain areas of Scotland and much of ‘foreign’ London – it follows that our core vote in traditional BNP heartlands is rock solid. "

Yes, you read that right, "foreign London".

And how are they going to use their new-found power? To "prevent hundreds of thousands of gypsies, criminals and foreign parasites descending on our streets to set up camp and beg and steal".

Oh well, when BNP lose their seats in the upcoming European elections, perhaps they can escape the nasty "foreign" parts and take up residence in the North Pole.

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