Prostitute Jobs Advertised On Direct Gov Website

'Must Like Sex'

Clerical oversight or George Osborne's new plan to tackle unemployment?

The applicant's role is - perhaps unsurprisingly - "to go out with guys maybe for evening or have full on sex".

You could even answer a drop-down menu as to why you wouldn't apply for it

All the for just £10 an hour.

The add also says: "This would be better if you was single and be able to work at your own pace.

"Looks and race unimportant. You will need a mobile phone."

The add was posted by Horny Escorts Universal Jobmatch area of the Direct Gov site last Monday.

The manager of the company told the Mirror: "I put the advert up there because it’s a job site and it’s a job. I was a bit shocked they allowed it.

"I also do deliveries and I had posted an ad for a same-day delivery service and then I just put the escorting one underneath it."


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