How Sitting All Day Affects Your Health (And How To Undo The Damage)

WATCH: How Sitting All Day Affects Your Health

With many of us sat down for most of the day (whether at a desk, in the car, on the bus or flopped on the sofa in front of the TV) it's no surprise that 51% of UK workers have suffered from back pain, with one in five needing time off as a result.

But aside from the back pain (if you can ignore it, that is) there are other health risks to a sedentary lifestyle including increased risk of heart attack and joint problems in later life. Yikes.

Humans weren't designed to be so immobile - just think back to our hunter-gatherer ancestors for proof - and so we need to be more active.

Watch the video above for some tips on how to undo the wrong doings of everyday life in a chair.

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