06/01/2014 04:00 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 10:53 GMT

'Celebrity Big Brother': Evander Holyfield Warned After Making Homophobic Remarks

'Celebrity Big Brother' bosses are facing calls to eject housemate Evander Holyfield, after he made homophobic remarks in the house.

The former boxer received a formal warning from Big Brother after he said that being gay "ain't normal", adding that it was "a choice" which "could be fixed".

Evander Holyfield

During a late night conversation with fellow housemate Luisa Zissman about gay sportsmen, he said: "If you were born and your leg was turned this way - what would you do? You go to the doctor and get it fixed back, right?"

"All I'm trying to tell you, you know how handicap people are born... You can't say because they are born that way you can't move that."

He then added: "It is a choice... Come on, how can you not say you ain't gay unless you're sleeping with the opposite sex?"

Evander made the comments during a discussion with Luisa

After Channel 5 broadcast scenes of him being called into the diary room to issue him with a warning, many Twitter users were unhappy with the way the incident had been dealt with.

"Disgusted with @bbuk for letting Evander off so easily. Should be thrown out of the show," one tweeter said.

Another wrote: "Evander is disgusting.. They should of thrown him out for that. It's 2014 ya know not 1960!"

One Twitter user also said that his comments were worse than the race row that erupted on 'CBB' in 2007, when Jade Goody clashed with Shilpa Shetty.

"Imagine if a housemate said being black should be fixed. What Evander said was far more hateful and fascistic than Jade Goody's racism. #cbb," they wrote.

Boy George also slammed Evander's remarks, tweeting: "Shame, I had such admiration for Mr Evander Holyfield, he seemed dignified and I was sure he was a cool, smart, giant!

He then added: "I think anyone visiting this country for any reason should be cautioned and forced to swear allegiance to 'Queens & country!!

"At customs there should be a huge sign! ""Welcome to Britain, racism, sexism, homophobia and bad hair are not tolerated!'"

Rylan Clark - who hosts 'Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side' - also branded Evander's comments "disgusting" on Twitter, but has since deleted his tweets.


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