08/01/2014 06:04 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 10:53 GMT

Polar Vortex: Shocking Images Of The US Big Freeze Captured On Twitter And Imgur

The big freeze across America is about to break, as the mercury moves back up above zero, after dropping as low as minus 37C in one town.

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In Hell, Michigan, temperatures plummeted to minus 17, prompting this headline.

People across the states have been sharing their striking images of the arctic conditions. We take a look before the next phenomenon, the 'big melt', begins.

One traveller captured this incredible image above Chicago

The Chicago River Tonight...

The Chicago river filled with floating ice pieces via Imgur

The snow in downtown Chicago uploaded onto Imgur

Aerial shot of Chicago and Lake Michigan from above via Imgur

Downtown Chicago at Night

Aerial cinema graph of Chicago and Lake Michigan from above via Imgur

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